Rekey Locks

With experience in all cylinder locks and their services, our pros can rekey locks in Brantford, Ontario, to cover your needs. Call us if you need our assistance. Rekeying locks is not easy. It requires knowledge and replacing the pins of the lock right. Any mistake can lead to serious security problems. At our company, Locksmith Brantford, we help you fast and are available to cover your emergency needs.Rekey Locks Brantford

If you want lock rekey in Brantford, call us

The purpose of lock rekey is to prevent door opening with the original key. This is needed when the original key is stolen or it’s found in the hands of multiple people, including ex-tenants. What it involves is changing the little pins found in every cylinder lock. When this takes place, the lock will have a different configuration and so it won’t open with the same key as before.

So when our techs come to rekey locks, they also change the key. The original one won’t fit in the lock anymore. So we cut a new one for you to match the new lock configuration.

The pins inside the lock mechanism move to allow the entrance of the right key and thus door opening. So if you are interested in a master key system, our pros will change the configuration so that the lock will open with two different keys: the master key and the change key.

Key change is the solution to stolen keys

Key replacement is not a solution when the key is stolen or when you move to a new property. Why take chances? Why let ex-roommates come in your house as they see fit? What we suggest is key change and lock rekeying. It’s a cost-effective method instead of changing the lock and will still provide enhanced security. Let our experts check the condition of the locks to your new house or office. If they are new or still reliable, we can rekey locks in Brantford instead of replacing them. And we do the job fast and properly. Give us a call now if you need to rekey your locks in Brantford, Ontario, urgently.